'People come to us for being here.'


Already once I did it and I am looking for restaurant or financial investor anywhere in the world. I need to have just a restaurant at least 40 seats, international menu, normal sized kitchen and large warehouses.

The aim, again

One, two or three

Once I did the world record and I will do it again. Now I would like to do it at the same time in two or three restaurant and there are several reasons for this.
- Primarily, because if one restaurant can be full booking because of the world record attempt, than it is the same with two or three restaurants,
- Secondarly, because the costs are smaller with more restaurants.

The past 1

In 2008, due to the state of the Hungarian economy I decided to close my restaurant in Budapest and continue working abroad. In my opinion, with what I know and what I can do we could be the best in the business. Although in Budapest we managed to create a restaurant with a special atmosphere, fine food and a Guinness record, we did not receive much professional or moral appreciation. I think, anywhere in the world each of these achievements are enough to make a full house, and together they can swiftly catapult us to the forefront of the restaurant business.

Business experiences from the Budapest restaurant:
-     It is possible to do it and can be successful quickly,
-     I can do it the best,
-     I can teach others how to do it,
-     People like our uniqueness and specialties.

The past 2 (Introducing Mófarguru)

What is the Mófarguru? The Mófarguru is a peculiar animal, and no one knows whether it is imaginary or real.
What is the Mófarguru? The Mófarguru was a really interesting restaurant in Budapest. When I started it in 2001 my aim was not to achieve maximum profit as soon as feasible but to create and refine the Mófarguru style.
Of course we also traded for money on the market but there was much more in it than that. We wanted to create something nobody had done before and then sell it as a franchise or build another business for myself.

There used to be a Mófarguru:
Mófarguru Budapest opened in 2001. This first restaurant was based entirely on my ideas and seemed quite peculiar for the first glance as it ignored several entrenched habits and traditions. Amongst these was that the whole restaurant was non-smoking (though at that time it could have been separated a smoking area) which was quite unusual at that time both in Budapest and in the rest of the world. It also boasted a curious interior with tables of unusual shape and a corner with cushions and low tables for sitting on the floor. We started with a very large menu which was available in six languages right from the beginning.
In the following years we managed to create a clear image and the eccentric restaurant became an extraordinary place. We introduced a table with swings instead of chairs, we developed a record large menu certified by the Guinness World Records in 2006 and we swelled the number of available menu languages to twelve. By the end of 2007 we were offering our menu in Hungarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Portugese, Slovakian and Czech languages. By 2006 we also refined our choice of ambience music, supplementary materials and marketing.

The style

Our slogans used throughout the years speak well of the style of Mófarguru:
-   Mófarguru, the restaurant that chats quietly
-   Looking from Mófarguru, you are in the centre of the world
-   The Mófarguru is a restaurant, or a bit more
-   Mófarguru, without the smoke
-   The Mófarguru is more than the others
-   People come to Mófarguru for being here
-   International cuisine, Mófarguru style

In the future my intention is to follow the same directions. My aim is set a new record with the largest available offer and to expand the number of available menu languages which is also another possibility for a world record.

In the interior, the setup, the back ground music and the supplementary materials I would like to follow the way of the Budapest restaurant, I would, however, also like to expand the marketing activities with new ideas and methods.

The Hungarian hospitality has a long tradition and the level of training is still excellent in several institutions. The waiting is not considered as a real profession in many cultures and therefore literally and practically anybody can become a waiter. We can gain a substantial headstart only by employing trained waiters; waiters as we understand them. Customers feel that the waiter is serving them from the moment they enter the premises. The waiting in the world is most often about not more than delivering beverages and food to the tables, yet we believe that with proper training it is possible to teach people how to serve customers properly.

Concerning the kitchen, I also want to employ professionally trained staff, especially as teamwork is essential in this environment. While waiting is mostly an individual or pair work, the kitchen staff has to work in an effective team constantly, including everybody from the head-chef to the kitchen porter. Everybody has to understand the working of the system, their task in the processes and when and who they can substitute in case it is needed for seamless operation.

To sum up, we are different from other is the followings and my aim is to make our target audience to choose us when deciding on where to eat based on our special interior, menu, food, atmosphere, service.
-    Own recipes and dishes
-    The unique interior
-    Interior solely make of natural materials
-    World recorder menu
-    The world record attempt
-    Menu available in numerous languages
-    Hand-made Menu-books
-    Quality of service
-    Swings and floor seatings
-    Selected ambience music
-    Our loyality card system
-    Games of loyality customers

Next, step by step

I will build our marketing on the following items:
-   A movie about the world record attempt,
-   Our menu book, the range of offer, the world record and its attempt,
-   The loyality card system,
-   Special, own marketing tools,
-   Tested games for customers,
-   The marketing value of the restaurant software (self-developed software)
-   The internet, our website and instagram site,
-   The Moonbird figure and its legend,
-   Other tales of the animals from the islands, where thw moonbird are living,
-   Last but not least being our multilingual menu.

The steps of building of the restaurant's operations:
-   'Smallest' menu with 600-700 items,
-   Continuous conversion of equipment
-   Basic training of staff
We are planning to contract a television producer company who will shoot and market a movie about the record attempt. This movie could follow the story from taking over a restaurant and finding the right staff through preparing for the world record and the attempt itself. Therefore the right company should be contracted as soon as the lease contract has been signed.
-   'Biggest' menu with 1200-1300 items,
-   The equipment is ready,
-   Second level training of staff,
-   The introduction of the loyality cards
-   Our menu is available in 4-6 languages
The restaurant now works according to the world record experiment.
-   Preparing for a world record attempt,
-   The menu already virtually is matching the numbers of items of the record experiment,
-   First game of the loyalty customers.
The world record attempt, and our menu is available in 8-10 languages.
After the world record attempt,
-   The movie of world record attempt's presentation,
-   Our menu is available in 20-25 languages.